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xtendable ground screws

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Ground screws

BAYO.S provides foundation solutions in all construction areas, ranging from residential projects to large scale commercial iGround Screws eliminate the need for concrete and allow foundation constriction to be completed within minutes, providing instant load bearing capabilities.


The unique bayonet connection allows this Ground Screw systems to be customized for the required application and any encountered soil and terrain condition.


Build solid foundations quickly and easily

It takes no time at all with BAYO.S ground screws. Each fence post can be fitted in just 5 minutes.

Ground screws save you time and make your work easier. To lay the foundation of your construction you just need to turn the screws into the ground in a position you’ve precisely pinpointed and marked beforehand.

Quality at a great price

BAYO.S ground screws are more convenient than concrete, and allow you to lay a solid foundation from quality parts made of durable steel.

That means extra time and money for you and your family. Priceless.

No more digging or concreting

You no longer have to tediously dig holes, remove piles of soil, mix concrete or sit and wait for it to harden. Now, it can be done much more easily. The metal tip of the ground screw penetrates even rocky soil, and uses threads to drive straight into place.

Ground screws can be immediately loaded allowing you to see the results of your work immediately. Simply pinpoint and mark the position, insert the ground screws and start building a new fence, greenhouse, garden shed, swing for children...

Environmentally friendly

BAYO.S Ground Screws are a clean alternative to traditional concrete foundation work.

From necessary work site preperation to installation, the Ground Screw is easy to use.


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